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This study working another qualitative research strategies: interviews, informal discussions, and you may observations

step 3 Methods

These methods acceptance me to become closely involved with individuals and processes within studies together with into the connections one of members and you can social settings; nevertheless they greet a good flexibly organized study you to definitely tried to cultivate an excellent contextual information and to read the members of sheer options (Bryman, 2012). Industry research is conducted regarding the Car City area of Seoul, South Korea, from . The field investigation has normal visits in order to Auto Area about five minutes weekly to own interviews, relaxed discussions, and you may findings, including voluntary work from the a keen NGO found in the urban area which provides Korean language courses, medical features, and Korean-Arabic translations to possess Syrians or any other migrants close by new case study area. The volunteer run new NGO increased the data and sensitivity on positionality of your migrants and you can refugees for the Korea and you will the latest supporting systems readily available around.

This study is sold with partial-organized interviews with 14 Syrians and you can three Koreans together with everyday talks with 28 Syrians and you may Koreans in car Area. Interviews having Syrians was basically carried out in English, Korean, Arabic-Korean translation, or Arabic-English interpretation, based on each interviewee’s selection; translations was in fact available with interviewees’ colleagues. Interviews was indeed presented personally, apart from you to gang of several Syrian participants and one group from about three Syrian professionals. Interviewees commonly shared their advice and experience during everyday conversations before and adopting the interview; such relaxed discussions offered guidance and you can expertise for it lookup alongside certified interview. The research plus shows the latest group meetings having activists various other elements out of Seoul and refugees from other places; these group meetings as well as offered insights towards existence from Syrians into the Vehicle Area.

Four of one’s fourteen Syrian interviewees were not under the refugee otherwise humanitarian en iyi Hint tanД±Еџma siteleri cover condition but hold Company Visa. Yet not, its physical lives and you may enjoy couldn’t be distinguished away from people off most other Syrians in car Urban area, particularly in terms of experience lengthy displacement. Like many Syrians from inside the Korea, this type of five try not to return to Syria. Interviewees ranged inside the ages off their twenties on the fifties, which have many inside their 20s. Syrian interviewees become eleven guys and three female. However, all the items and you can behavior in depth within this investigation apply mostly to help you Syrian dudes in car City. The reason being interviewed Syrian female scarcely educated social lifetime which have Koreans because they generally focus on cleaning, and their lifestyle feel during the Korea were not specific so you’re able to Auto City. Korean interviewees contained several frontrunners of NGOs helping refugees and you can one to entrepreneur in-car Urban area.

Syrian interlocutors have been requested to describe such subjects as their lifetime trajectory before and after new Syrian combat, knowledge off addition and you may difference which have Koreans, Syrians, or any other Arabs. More over, troubles in life and you may coping method, also future plans have been asked. Syrian interlocutors not simply asked to state their own skills and thinking but also the pointers they extracted from their friends and you can acquaintances in car Town.

Discover coding try followed by selective programming, and therefore provided the possibility of carrying out types of and you may facts for the new conclusions associated with case study (Bryman, 2012)

Extremely interview was indeed recorded, immediately following acquiring advised concur, however, three interviewees popular not to have the brand new talk recorded. Extremely interviews had been conducted just after of several small conversations and you will visits. To increase the fresh new legitimacy of one’s research, we used methodological triangulation: which is, numerous measures or types of data were used to enable cross examining (Bryman, 2012). Everything produced by observations, interviews, and you will informal conversations is actually constantly compared. The new interviews transcripts and field cards have been a couple of times coded to own high themes and you may subthemes (Charmaz, 1996). Along with the description about their daily life, including information since experience out of discrimination and you may separation inside the Korea, addition and you may exemption one of Syrians, as well as their coping method was basically stood out.

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