The Bandini Cheese factory has been housed on the same plot of land since 1957.  The secret of our success remains in diversification and growth, without neglecting the quality, purity and natural aspect of our products. 

There are three main procedures housed within the factory, namely, milk processing, cheese making, and cream and butter production.  These procedures are supported by numerous other services which are essential to their success.  In all three of these major activities, the focus is on natural raw materials which ensure wholesome, top quality products.

The majority of the equipment within the factory is dedicated to the core process of mozzarella production, which occurs in 12 natural, traditional and complex steps.  60 000m of strategically placed pipes, the majority of which are stainless steel, make it all possible.  The first step is the pasturisation of the raw milk, which is in essence the cleaning and purification of the milk.  The next major step is the adding of cultures to the milk.  This is what gives each cheese its unique blend of flavour, aroma and consistency.  Bandini Cheese is made with microbial (non-animal) rennet, thereby making it suitable for both vegetarians and Halaal-users alike (our Mozzarella is Halaal certified). Mozzarella is a Pasta Filata cheese which means that the curd needs to be cooked and stretched after it has been left to mature for several hours.  The cheese is then molded into blocks and is dropped into the brine bath where it cools and absorbs the salt that perfects this delicious cheese.  The final process involves the packaging of the cheese, either as individual blocks or in diced form ready to be sprinkled onto a pizza.

The next item produced in our factory is cream.  It is made by dual standardizing the right amount of solids from the cheese milk and cream simultaneously.  This is then pasteurized and packaged by a cream packaging machine.  The product is, at this point, ready to be used in your next baking foray, or fresh cream delight.

Butter, our third big production item, can be made in one of two ways.  Either by using our old traditional butter churns or, when cream is plentiful, by using our modern in-line butter maker, after which the butter is ready to be shaped and packaged.

The factory has been growing and advancing consistently since 2005 and will continue to do so well into the future.  We became Woolworths approved in 2009, supplying them with fresh cream, milk, and mozzarella; and Bandini Cheese was ISO 22000:2005 certified by the FSSI in 2012, which includes a comprehensive HACCP program.   New products will continue to be developed, while at the same time, we continue to focus and improve on our quality and our procedures, whilst maintaining the ever critical aspect of "natural is as natural was".