"Our mission is to produce a natural, nutritious product that is not only delicious but good for you too."  Try our tasty variety of pre-prepared meals and sauces, complimented by our range of freshly baked goods, all preservative and colourant free.  "We strive to make your life easier in a healthy and wholesome way."

About us

We make a variety of delicious pre-prepared pasta meals, a selection of yummy biscuits and pastries, home-made bread, fresh pasta made to order, and any number of other delectable foods that will not only satisfy your taste buds, but make your life easier at the same time.  Fresco Foods works both as a commercial retailer, as well as in conjunction with Elena’s Deli, so anything you fancy can be ordered and organized!  Everyone works together, hand in hand, to ensure the best products are created – natural, wholesome and baked with pride and love.

Most of our recipes are derived from the recipes of our nonna.  They have been tried and tested for generations, so you can be sure they are good!  And this process of striving for perfection has not stopped; we are continuously testing, producing and inventing new ideas and lines just for you, our valued consumer.  Our ever-expanding variety of produce and our need to constantly develop, improve and grow is what keeps us at the top of game.

Our factory is a small, intimate setting, which makes it easier to keep an eye on everything that goes on and to be sure that every item produced meets our high standards of quality and perfection.  It is a fairly intensive operation, employing only about 20 people, each hand picked and hardworking. This coupled with our passion for Italian food ensures a smooth, clean, efficient process and a naturally delicious product that is excellent to eat and good for you too!