The archangel Gabriel descended from heaven, woke Ishmael and presented him with a gift – a ‘wind-spout’ that whirled and danced around him.  The angel then commanded the spout to stop scattering dust and rain, so it gathered itself into a prancing handsome creature that seemed to swallow up the ground…  Thus the Arabian horse came into being, and was known as the “Drinker of the Wind”.

Why Arabians?

The beauty of the Arabian breed, in conjunction with its intelligence, natural carriage and movement, makes this type of horse an obvious choice.  This horse has a reputation for endurance, spirit and stamina, combined with grace and beauty.  Rarely does a horse combine all these attributes in one package.  With its distinctively shaped head and high carriage tail, it is one of the most easily recognisable breeds in the world.  Arabians are also, quite simply, very easy to love.