The breed from the past for the future, with minimal human interference.

Why Nguni’s?

Nguni’s are easy animals to keep – they require minimal management and are good at fending for themselves, even in the most hostile environments.  These fascinating animals are able to optimise the grazing potential of most farms and convert poor grazing due to the high pH levels in their rumen.  They use their substantial horns for browsing too, and can thus survive in most areas.  They have a unique way of regenerating areas affected by erosion in that they will defecate on bare patches of soil, fertilising the soil and stimulating the re-growth of grass.  The horned bulls will also break down anthills, thereby displacing the ants that compete with them for grass.  This breed of cattle calve easily and are inherently good mothers who are very protective of their young.   They are the right breed for African farmers, as they are a natural African breed.