Welcome to the home of mozzarella - suppliers of Bandini Cheese, Fresco Foods and a wide variety of other products.  We manufacture and distribute quality natural cheeses, pre-prepared meals, baked goods, confectionary, a variety of condiments and spices, as well as a range of grocery lines.

At Impact Distributors, and the Bandini Group in general, we strive for sustainability by using mainly local and recyclable materials, without compromising on hygiene, quality and above all the natural aspect of our products.  We believe a healthy lifestyle can be achieved with natural, good and wholesome foods. "This is our promise to you, after all, it's not just our business, it's our family name."

Although most products produced in big international cheese factories are unavoidably uniform and undifferentiated, at Bandini we strive for a unique and superior taste.  We, the Bandini brothers are determined that the benchmark our father established by using only natural ingredients will continue, and will be responsible for much of our growth in years to come.

In the past few years, four of the big SA dairy companies have commenced with the production of mozzarella.  Many smaller producers, often farm-based, have also entered this market.  Despite the competition, found in both large and small producers, we have continued to grow.  We believe this can be attributed to high levels of service as well as exceptional products.  The natural, 'home-grown' techniques employed by Bandini Cheese and Impact Distributors have placed us ahead of some competitors who have begun using fillers, vegetable oils and synthetic proteins.  This 'only natural' rule creates a superior quality cheese which is healthy and wholesome, more digestible and tastes great too!

Our Bandini Group is a proudly family-run business that has been operating successfully since 1957.  Our competitive edge is achieved through our use of high quality, natural ingredients, the care and pride we take in our products, and our need to constantly strive for perfection.  Our team of employees is one of our greatest assets, as are the cows that produce our milk.